Sustainable Development

Responsible Care is a world-wide initiative developed by the chemical industry and is a voluntary commitment to continuous improvement in all aspects of safety, health and environmental performance and to have open and frank communications in relation to these activities. Responsible Care is an ethics as well as a commitment to build trust and confidence in an industry that is essential to improving living standards and the quality of life. Responsible Care is based on the following eight guiding principles:

1) Sustainable business practices for ethical growth

(a) Expand market opportunities for business development to ensure ethical growth

(b) Ensure quality of Heubach products & services

(c) Promote sustainable practices across all business relationships

2) Commitment to Environment Sustainability

(d) Raise awareness and engage in structured dialogue with our stakeholders

(e) Preserve and harness resources to minimize environmental impact of our business operations

(f) Behave as a socially responsible company and ensure that our activities have a positive impact on the industry

3) Developing our reputation, professionalism and cultural cohesion

(g) Develop a company culture based around common sustainable development values

(h) Continually support and develop our people and intellectual capital

(i) Improve health & safety outcomes of our workforce and ensure employee welfare

(j) Promote equal opportunity and support workplace diversity