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The new Monolite® MC colorants and tinting systems for decorative coatings are based on a well-balanced mixture of highly and medium concentrated colorants for high quality tinting in both point-of-sales and in-plant applications. Our Monolite® MC colorants are controlled by very precise and tight specifications in order to guarantee a high degree of colour accuracy and reproducibility, colour shade, strength and rheological properties. The pigments used in Monolite® MC colorants and tinting systems allow for complete coverage of the colour spectrum without compromising requirements such as opacity, light and weather fastness, colour accuracy and cost effectiveness.

Furthermore all Monolite® MC colorants are APEO- and low VOC-free in compliance with current regulatory requirements and do not contain any substances which are under discussion with regard to future regulations.

Heubach Name
Chemical Name
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240061 White High Tint
Titanium Dioxide (P.W. 6)
240071 Fast Black
Carbon Black (P. Bk. 7)
240421 Yellow Oxide
Iron Oxide Yellow (P.Y. 42)
240011 Fast Yellow
Monoazo Yellow (P.Y. 1)
241381 Yellow High Tint
Quinophthalone Yellow (P.Y. 138)
241101 Orange
Isoindolinone Yellow (P.Y. 110)
241011 Red Oxide High Tint
Iron Oxide Red (P.R. 101)
241121 Interior Red
Naphthol Red (P.R. 112)
241221 Magenta
Quinacridone Magenta (P.R. 122)
240001 Exterior Red
Disazo Red (P.R. 166) + Quinacridone Violet (P.V. 19)
240231 Violet High Tint
Dioxazine Violet (P.V. 23)
241531 Fast Blue
Phthalocyanine Blue (P.B. 15:3)
241511 Blue High Tint
Phthalocyanine Blue (P.B. 15:1)
240072 Fast Green
Phthalocyanine Green (P.G. 7)
240073 Green High Tint
Phthalocyanine Green (P.G. 7)