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Color shade service for HEUCOSIN™ dry pigment blends

Precise color shades – with a cost-effective formula

Heubach’s formula service offers you any color shade you need in the form of a ready-to-use pigment blend consisting of organic and inorganic pigments with the necessary fillers or titanium dioxide. The products are ready for immediate use without further preparation and are tailored precisely to the respective area of application.

How does the HEUCOSIN™ color shade service work?
You tell us what color shade you need. Heubach’s color shade service calculates the precise composition, duplicates it in the coating, and makes fine adjustments. This ensures the color shade is exactly as bright and opaque as you need it to be for the specific application.

Preparing precise color shades from the very start
Heubach’s color shade service delivers any color shade you need in the form of a dry pigment blend that is precisely tailored from the very start. And the color shades exhibit exactly the right pigment quality, the right resistance properties, and an economically sound covering capacity. The whole process is based on the combined knowledge of our pigment experts. They know which pigment is exactly right for the required area of application and, for example, has sufficient stability against UV light, acids, or alkalis.

Direct preparation in the coating system
The pigment blends are prepared directly in the coatings suitable for the respective application. We can also work directly with your coating if you have very specific requirements.

When does it make sense for me to use HEUCOSIN™?
Ready-to-use HEUCOSIN™ dry pigment blends are a worthwhile alternative to preparing blends from single pigments or using color pastes – wherever color shades are used in large volumes.

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The HEUCOSIN™ color shade service offers you the following advantages:

Ready-to-use pigment blends that can be incorporated directly in the coating

Formulas with optimized cost/benefit ratios

Precise color shades

Precise tailoring to the respective area of application

Customization to the relevant coating system

The combined pigment expertise of Heubach’s experts

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