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Innovative Flash Rust Inhibitors


Waterborne coatings can cause corrosion to metallic surfaces in form of flash- or early rusting. This flash rust is caused by the water in the system and migrates through the coating during the gelling and drying time and forms rust spots visible on the surface and in some cases also on the metal surface itself. This has to be inhibited to provide long lasting coatings.

Flash Rust Inhibitors

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To protect the surface from rusting, organic and inorganic compounds are used as flash rust inhibitors that provide an early protection by preventing the formation of rust spots during the gelling and curing time. This will not replace any anti-corrosive pigments that are necessary for long term protection. The newly introduced HEUCOFLASH™ products are an addition to the anti-corrosive pigment portfolio of HEUBACH Group. There are two versions, HEUCOFLASH™ LQ1 and HEUCOFLASH™ LQ2, both are clear yellowish water based solutions of organic and inorganic compounds and salts.

Discover your liquid, VOC free flash rust inhibitor


HEUCOFLASH™ LQ1 is a Nitrite containing, VOC free flash rust inhibitor, suitable for all ferrous and galvanized steel substrates and waterborne resins like acrylic or epoxy systems etc.. The product is a ready to use aqueous liquid and typical dosage rates are between 0.3 % - 1.5 % (of liquid coating weight) depending on the binder system and the surface roughness and can be added during the manufacturing steps simply by stirring in.


HEUCOFLASH™ LQ2 is a Nitrite and VOC free liquid flash rust inhibitor suitable for all kind of metal substrates and a wide range of waterborne resins. HEUCOFLASH™ LQ2 is a ready to use aqueous liquid and dosage rates are also in the range of 0.3 % - 1.5 % (of liquid coating weight) to address different binders and the roughness of the surface.


Application Technological Properties

We have done several tests comparing water based DTM systems and standard primers to show the effect of the HEUCOFLASH™ products and results are available in our selection of guiding formulations.
The tests were done with a “normal” dosage of 0.8 % for HEUCOFLASH™ LQ1 and 0.45 % for LQ2.

We have included different binder systems and different anticorrosive pigments like HEUCOPHOS® ZCP PLUS, CAPP or CMP to show the initial positive effect of protecting from flash rust while maintaining its positive long term effect in combination with the ACO pigments.

One DTM System using HEUCOPHOS® CMP and an APEO free styrene acrylic dispersion on sandblasted steel is chosen to demonstrate the short – and long term effect.



Without flash rust inhibitor it shows the typical rust spots that are migrating to the surface while the resin is gelling and curing.

The results clearly show the early protection and even with severe exposure in the salt spray chamber for more than 1200h, the combination of HEUCOFLASH™ and HEUCOPHOS® protects the rough surface of sandblasted steel, without influencing any other coating properties.

The right Flash Rust Inhibitor


Corrosion Inhibitor Solution of Nitrite containing salts



Corrosion Inhibitor Solution of organic and inorganic salts


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