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Innovative, modular production for custom pigment pastes

The requirements customers place on water-based pigment pastes are becoming increasingly individual. As a result, the products have to be developed and produced in smaller and smaller batch sizes. This leads to the use of production facilities that can be converted on a flexible basis and an ever-larger product portfolio.

This is where our innovative, highly flexible paste technology concept comes into play. Utilizing a standard system consisting of specially developed basic pastes makes it possible to produce custom pigment preparations for a wide range of different applications based on a modular approach.

This results in tinting systems that make it possible to effortlessly color decorative coatings based on water-soluble paints or alkyd paints containing solvents. In doing so, compliance with current legal requirements and environmental standards is a matter of course.

Our already extensive package of services is thus complemented by a just-in-time service that offers paint producers the following advantages:

  • Innovative, universal formulation technology
  • Fastest possible development and production of custom pastes
  • Development of versatile tinting systems for use in color dispensing equipment at the point of sale (POS) as well as for in-plant tinting (IPT) applications
  • Reproducible color consistency and the production of pigment pastes within narrow tolerances

This technology minimizes the high expenditures involved in converting from ranges of pastes – as seen in the past – as well as the risks that come with it. Instead, the option to extend the concept on a modular basis enables comprehensive coverage of the color space. This makes it possible to precisely configure diverse physical parameters while ensuring that the future needs and requirements of the market can be met as well.

Interested in learning more about our universal, high-performance tinting systems? Then get the details on the possibilities offered by our HEUCOTINT™ UN series today.

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