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R&D Chemist,
Research & Development activity on Quinacridone Pigments

We are looking for a R&D manager and chemist for our Quinacridone Pigment range.

In order to reach our goals and due to our rapid growth, we intend to fill the following position as soon as possible:

R&D Chemist,
Research & Development activity on Quinacridone Pigments
Grades: (PR-122, PV-19 & PR-202)


Required Skills:

The candidate should have the skills to succeed in a team environment. He or She should have good communication skills coupled with an inquisitive mind. He or She should be able to pick up and practice project management techniques. He or she should have demonstrated the competency related to scouting for the scientific information and utilizing the existing knowledge for solving process and quality-related problems.

Candidate should possess skills related to Technology transfer to plants. The candidate should be a self-starter, willing to take risks, highly energetic, and inquisitive.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Development of various grade of PR-122, PV-19 & PR-202
  • Design the experiments for executive & chemist
  • Day to day guidance to subordinates

Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry candidates are preferred.

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