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Road markings with HEUCOSIN™ dry pigment blends

Color shades in larger volumes – durable, compatible, and easy to incorporate

Road markings provide valuable orientation and can save lives. The pigments you select significantly influence the quality of your paint. Heubach offers an interesting alternative to single pigments and pastes called HEUCOSIN™. And the company also addresses the issue of raw material availability by producing its own pigments in-house. We spoke with Dr. Jörg Horakh, the product manager in charge of the HEUCOSIN™ products, about the opportunities and advantages this offers.

One of our customers’ key pain points is the current situation relating to the availability of raw materials. The relatively high degree of reverse integration that comes thanks to our in-house pigment production is one of Heubach’s special strengths here.

Dr. Jörg Horakh
Product Manager Heubach

Mr. Horakh, what are the main challenges involved in producing paints for road markings?
The main one of course is that the markings need to last for as long as possible. In other words, they need to be resistant to weather and UV light. But something that many people overlook is the compatibility of the pigments in the customer’s coatings. For example, the pigments can’t delay the drying process or have a negative impact on the surface of the coating.

What characteristics do pigments need to have in this respect?
As far as compatibility goes, they definitely need to have as little interaction with the customer’s system as possible – and pigments of the highest quality offer longer durability thanks to their significantly better fastness properties.

How does HEUCOSIN™ respond to these requirements?
We already address this during the pigment selection process by choosing the exact pigments with the appropriate fastness properties that work in the customer’s segments. And we’re able to adapt each pigment blend precisely to the customer’s systems. In comparison to pigment pastes, the major advantage of this is that the blend doesn’t contain any uncontrollable additives, solvents, or defoamers that the customer doesn’t want or that don’t work with their components. By taking this approach, we completely eliminate a large source of risk from the outset. And creating the formula is significantly easier.

Does that mean HEUCOSIN™ is a better alternative to pastes?
It’s impossible to say in general terms. But as soon as there’s a problem with compatibility, it can mean a lot of work. HEUCOSIN™ is an alternative that can offer a good solution because the customer can use the additive they are familiar with.

What advantages does HEUCOSIN™ offer compared to single pigments?
Using ready-mixed pigment blends that are ideally matched to the specific road marking application saves both preparation time as well as the need to store the single pigments. The cost effectiveness depends on how many different colors are used. Generally speaking, if you produce large volumes of fewer color shades – as is the case when marking roads – then it’s worth considering HEUCOSIN™.

Color shades are a hot topic right now.
That’s true. New marking tasks are resulting in the need for a larger palette of road marking colors in addition to white and yellow, which are the traditional signal shades. And this will continue to expand. That’s why we’re offering a lot of flexibility for standard color shades and readily available special colors with HEUCOSIN™. And the HEUCOSIN™ color shade service lets us adapt every required color shade in the customer’s system so it fits perfectly.

What role does sustainability play?
The longer road marking paints last, the more sustainable they are. For this reason, manufacturers should place high value on sufficient fastness properties. We use inorganic pigments, which are significantly more durable than organic pigments, whenever possible for HEUCOSIN™. Plus, they can stand up to stresses caused by chemicals, such as those that contain sulfur dioxide. We only use as much organic pigment as necessary, even in very bright color shades such as blue and green. That’s how we achieve color shades that won’t break down, so to speak. In addition, we always adjust the color shade so it only contains as much pigment as is really required for the respective area of application. This makes sustainability an economic factor.

Let’s finish up with a quick question: Why should I choose Heucosin™ for road markings?
Because it means you’re choosing a ready-to-use, complete solution that is based on comprehensive pigment expertise, incorporates all the necessary system compatibilities, and significantly reduces expenses relating to production as well as storage.

Learn more about the HEUCOSIN™ color shade service

The advantages HEUCOSIN™ offers you for road marking applications

Ready-to-use pigment blends for immediate use

Excellent incorporation properties

Excellent durability

Broad range of colors with color shade service

Doesn’t influence film formation

In-house pigment production

The combined pigment expertise of Heubach’s experts

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